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[$69 LIFETIME] Best Video To Text Software – YouPost REVIEW

Should you get on board with YouPost lifetime deals? Is it the best video to text software? We covered all the nitty-gritty details in our YouPost review.

As a content creator, you might have to deal with videos that are hours long. And if you have tried summarizing those videos by yourself, you probably know how tedious and daunting the task is. But in an era where AI is so powerful, why should you spend hours writing summaries of the content yourself in the first place?

However, the thing is, not all of the video to text converter app is worth it. And the ones with effective features will cost a fortune. Well, YouPost lifetime deals are here to change that. Now, if you go through this YouPost review entirely, you will understand why we call it the best video to text software. Let’s get started.

Youpost Review

What Is YouPost?

Before diving deep, you want to know what YouPost is, right? Well, at its core, it is a video to text software. However, that is not just any other app people use to transcribe YouTube videos to text. Instead, it offers you compelling articles full of info. In other words, it is more than just a regular YouTube to text converter.

YouPost Review

With the short introduction out of the way, let us get into stating whether this youtube video to text converter is worth it or not. Well, the price you will pay for this video to text software lifetime deal will be worth every penny. And if you go through the features that the software has to offer, you can get to know why.

Offers Complete Articles

Those days are gone of manually going through the YouTube videos, pointing out the critical parts, and then writing a summarized version of the content. With YouPost, you can get complete articles in just one click. But you will not just get an average-grade article; the file will have proper text and pictures!

Search Engine Optimization

With most AI writing tools, you will need to do SEO yourself. But with YouPost, you can save yourself from that hassle. The algorithm is pretty intelligent! It will do the SEO for the articles for you! That means you can get in-depth coverage of your targeted videos without spending any extra time on this.


The search engine optimization might not be according to your expectations. So, you might want to put a little bit of work into it. Well, YouPost will not hinder you from doing that! Both the text and images of the articles will be editable. You can even save and quickly publish your work after editing the file.

Ease of Use

Unlike a regular online video to text converter, the setup process of YouPost is hassle-free. You will not need to deal with any software installation. Instead, you just need to set up a Chrome extension. After that, all you need to do is just press on the video tab that you want to covert.

Fast Results

Apart from being easy to use, the software will not even keep you waiting for hours to get your SEO-friendly articles. Just wait for a few seconds; your content will be ready in no time. Yes, it is that fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can AI write SEO-friendly articles from YouTube videos?

A: Absolutely! The AI industry has evolved a lot. In fact, it might soon eliminate the need to write articles manually. Now, there are AI tools that can write SEO-friendly articles straight from YouTube. All you need to do is insert the targeted link. And YouPost is a prime example of such.

Q. Does YouPost add pictures from the YouTube videos?

A: Yes! Apart from just writing texts from the YouTube video, YouPost will take pictures from the video. As a result, the articles it offers have a much better relevancy score. And definitely, that saves you a lot of time that you would spend finding the pictures for your content.

Q. Can I edit the articles that YouPost writes?

A: YouPost will offer you the full flexibility to edit and save the articles by yourself. You will not need to copy and paste it into Word and do the edits!


So, the main takeaway from this YouPost review is that it is genuinely a powerful writing software that you can rely on fully. The AI features it provides hard to find, and it is one of the industry’s best video to text software.

 And you should not miss the YouPost lifetime deals! Take advantage of the value that they are offering before it is too late.

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