Ultahost Review: Is Ultahost Legit or Scam?

Ultahost Review

Is Ultahost legit as a hosting provider? Is it safe to host a website here? And what is the Ultahost benefits, price, pros & cons? In this Ultahost review, you are going to learn everything.

Also, I will discuss the Ultahost features, speed, support, and conduct a live test to evaluate important performance metrics that are significant for your website.

Let’s get started!

The hosting company Ultahost founded in 2028. The company is new to the hosting industry and is one of the youngest players in the market. Despite its recent entry, the company has experienced substantial growth and is now catching the attention of webmasters who are searching for a promising solution for their requirements.

Ultahost holds a remarkable AuthorityAid’s high rating of 4.9 stars from 554 reviews, emphasizing that most of its customers are extremely satisfied with the services it provides, particularly acknowledging its exceptional quality and ease of use. Although Ultahost is based in the United States, it does not possess a rating from the Better Business Bureau. Nonetheless, it holds a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from more than 272 reviews on Trustpilot.

a variety of hosting options including shared hosting, VPS, WordPress hosting, hybrid VDS (virtual dedicated server), dedicated server, and reseller hosting. Additionally, they provide email hosting  plus other niche-specific packages like  social network hosting  and  ecommerce hosting  .

In my view, Ultahost is ideal for small to  medium-sized businesses  and individual site owners, including  bloggers individuals or companies who are in search of dependable and protected hosting services. Additionally, it is a suitable choice for those who require hosting that can be trusted and offers a high level of security.e-commerce platforms and developerslooking for more advanced hosting options such as VPS and dedicated servers to have more control and flexibility for customization.

Large enterprises with complex and specific requirements, as well as those with minimal hosting needs, might not find UltaHost to be the most suitable option. Ultahost UltaHost provides tailor-made hosting options for individuals of all levels, ranging from beginners to major players in the industry. They highlight their exceptional VPS and managed hosting services, ensuring a seamless experience for website operations.

Rating Breakdown

At AuthorityAid, we created a  hosting rating methodology that outlines specific standards we utilize to assess various brands and what they have to offer.

With the abundance of numerous providers in existence, and with new ones emerging regularly, it is crucial for us to establish a standardized method to evaluate and compare them.

Our rating methodology aims to evaluate hosts by considering various parameters that are important for your website and overall business performance. Cons  Ultahost UltaHost provides tailor-made hosting solutions suitable for individuals and large businesses alike, with a focus on their top-notch VPS and managed hosting services that ensure seamless website performance.

Ultahost Pricing & Plans – 2023

Ultahost offers  shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) a combination of a virtual private server (VPS) and a dedicated server (VDS), tailored for WordPress. In addition to providing web hosting services, they offer email hosting, have the Weebly website builder, and have specialized plans for social networks, E-commerce, and CRM.

On most of their plans, you get a  30-day money back guarantee To assist you in determining if their services suit your needs, you have the option to request a refund during a specified period.

I particularly appreciate the diverse payment options offered by Ultahost. Once you make a decision to proceed, you have the flexibility to pay using various methods such as credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, and even Bitcoin.

Ultahost Shared Hosting


Dedicated Server

Ultahost provides the same resources on its three control panels, although they are priced differently. I suggest opting for the ULTA AX160-NVME plan on all panels.

Tip: The dedicated plans offered by the host are ideal for websites that have high levels of traffic or deal with sensitive data. These plans are recommended for websites that can tolerate the risk of their information being accessed by unauthorized individuals or being targeted by a network-wide hacking incident.


I suggest choosing Ultahost’s ULTA 50 as the ideal reseller plan. It offers a total storage of 350 GB, unlimited bandwidth, the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, and grants access to 50 cPanel accounts.

Tip: Ultahost offers reseller plans that are ideal for new hosting platforms without their own data centers, as they require external services.

Ultahost Features

  • Free domain & SSL
  • Free daily backups & migration
  • SSD servers
  • Real-time malware protection
  • Multi-panel support

Ultahost provides numerous impressive features, but what truly sets it apart is its transparent pricing options and the abundance of included complimentary items.

Numerous hosts provide initial discounts that are followed by significant price hikes in subsequent years. In contrast, Ultahost’s pricing plans are clear and give the option to be billed every month or every year.

Learn more about Ultahost:

 Ultahost UltaHost offers tailored hosting solutions for individuals of all levels, including both beginners and large-scale businesses, with a special focus on their top-notch VPS and managed hosting services for seamless website performance.

Ultahost Performance

The performance of a potential host is a crucial factor to take into account. Which performance metrics are the most relevant for your website? And how can you obtain an overall assessment of a host’s performance?

Speed; uptime; and average load times!

  •  Speed This metric evaluates the speed at which the servers transmit information to a visitor accessing your website.
  •  Uptime It calculates the amount of time your host’s servers are accessible.
  •  Load time It determines the speed at which your web pages load completely and become fully functional.

For optimal outcomes, Google suggests having a fully loaded time of 1-2 seconds.

I evaluated the performance of Ultahost using GTMetrix by analyzing the host’s domain using the tool. It would have been more ideal to test a website hosted on Ultahost for more precise results, but despite my request to the support agents, I was unable to find any such website.

Well, these were the results:

 On GTMetrix  , Ultahost.com had a  great response time  and an overall performance of  98%  , well above the average

Please be aware that uptime and overall performance are two separate things. The amount of time it takes for a website to fully load is largely influenced by the design and structure of the website. The provider guarantees a 99.9% uptime, which is considered the benchmark in the industry. Ultahost UltaHost offers personalized hosting solutions for individuals and large companies alike, with a focus on their exceptional VPS and managed hosting services to ensure seamless website operation.

Level Of Support

And now for the exciting part. Ultahost offers a highly-functional support center that is available round the clock, providing assistance whenever needed.

 Live chat

Having a human available for live chat is a welcome change in a time where bots and automated responses are the norm. It was impressive that the agent joined the chat within 30 seconds and they were able to address most of my inquiries in a polite manner. The only downside was that the chat portal closed when I minimized the browser window.


The support services provided by Ultahost can be accessed through helplines in the U.S.A and Turkey, the countries where the company originated. I attempted to contact them from Nigeria, where I am currently located, but was unsuccessful.


Email support, a service that is becoming increasingly rare among other providers, is provided by Ultahost.


In addition to using the host’s email support, you have the option to contact support agents who are assigned to your case and open support tickets until you discover a resolution.

In order to initiate a support ticket, you simply need to provide your name, email, phone number, and include any necessary information you wish to share.

 Video guides

Ultahost stands out from other hosting providers by offering a unique support feature that is rarely found elsewhere – video guides. Perhaps, not many hosts offer this feature due to the amount of effort required to create such videos. As someone who learns best through visual aids, I greatly value detailed video tutorials that simplify intricate concepts using clear and understandable language. Ultahost effectively provides exactly that.


Lastly, there is the reliable knowledgebase containing a built-in search engine that can sort through numerous frequently asked questions and beginner guides.

 Ultahost UltaHost offers personalized hosting solutions suitable for everyone, including both newcomers and established industry players. They specialize in providing exceptional VPS and managed hosting services, ensuring seamless website operations with minimal effort.

User-Friendliness – Ease of use

Let’s discover how simple it is to begin with Ultahost and establish the fundamental tools and applications.


Looking to begin using Ultahost? Just select one of their plans, provide the necessary information, and you’re ready to begin.

To illustrate their joint strategies, click on the ‘Order’ button.

Afterward, you can decide if you prefer to create a new domain or utilize a domain you already possess. Provide the desired domain name and extension (.com, .net, etc.) and proceed further.

At Ultahost, you have the option to select from various payment options including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, or triennially. You can also customize your server location, choose the type of SSL certificate, decide whether you want to use their free website builder, and add any additional features as needed.

Please click on the ‘Continue’ button to move forward and go to the page where you will finalize your purchase.

Please complete the required fields with your payment information, account details, any additional add-ons, and continue.

And there you have it! You would have created an account with the host and can verify your information by checking the email you receive.

Ultahost control panel

Once you become a member of the platform, you will have the ability to open your client dashboard. From this dashboard, you can easily access the host’s modern cPanel with just one click. Ultahost utilizes cPanel for all of its backend modifications.

Providing you with the ability to manage and oversee your domains, email, databases, and other crucial operations.

Installing WordPress on Ultahost

To efficiently set up WordPress on your Ultahost account, the easiest and most hassle-free approach is to enroll in one of the host’s dedicated WordPress packages. With any of these plans, you’ll receive automated WordPress installations, a staging tool for WordPress, plugins for WordPress, and tools for backing up your WordPress content.

Adding an email on Ultahost

In your Ultahost cPanel account, you have the ability to generate and attach an email address to your domain name.

After accessing the system, go to the ‘Email’ section and select ‘Email Accounts’. Press the ‘CREATE’ button and input the required information for the email, such as the address, domain association, password, mailbox storage capacity, and lastly, choose the option of not creating folders automatically.

Just click on ‘Create’ and the task is finished!

Conclusion: Do We Recommend Ultahost?

While not the largest or most widely recognized hosting provider, Ultahost is gaining attention. They have earned a reputation for their cost-effective hosting plans. However, after conducting a review, I was not impressed with their speed. Through multiple tests, I found their TTFB values to be approximately 900 ms, which is not particularly impressive.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable that a youthful organization with limited reach would encounter such challenges. I am particularly fond of them due to their transparent pricing and exceptional support.

Ultimately, I suggest them for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking cost-effective options and immediate assistance just a click away. UltaHost offers tailored hosting solutions for all types of customers, catering to both beginners and established industry leaders. They prioritize their top-notch VPS and managed hosting services to ensure smooth and worry-free website performance.

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